This year at Love Supreme we are hosting a Brewer’s Christmas Shop, bringing you a carefully curated selection of brewers and accessories perfect for your coffee lover. We’re focusing in on filter style home brew equipment for the novice, the dabbler, the connoisseur, right through to the collector, the coffee lover who has everything. The Brewer’s Christmas Shop is simple, concise and all about what we love most, really lovely coffee. There's beans, grinders, kettles, brewers, cups, filters, carafes and even Coffea Arabica plants. 


We are delighted to be stocking Coffea Arabica plants, it’s extraordinary to think this little plant is where it all starts, where your daily coffee comes from. We had these Coffee Plants flown in especially for Christmas and are sure to delight coffee lovers of all levels.

This Christmas grind, pour, brew and serve lovely coffee.